Friday, August 6, 2010

Camping take one!

We went camping back to back weekends this year. The first time was for the Hansen family reunion and the next week was the Palmer family reunion. I actually really enjoyed both weeks....especially after I gave up keeping our little Savannah clean :) Here are a few of the highlights of the Hansen camp!
Look at the look of pure joy on that face. I fought and fought and fought her to stay in her stroller or in my arms. Life was much better once I gave in.
P.S. Oxy Spray pre-treater is a laundry miracle :)
Keaton is never one to miss out on dirt himself!

Everyone needs a cousin you can just be goofy with. Milo fits the bill nicely :)

My sisters and I believe in the "Love and Logic" concept of parenting. It lets kids experience their own consequences. This shot could be on the cover of their next book. Kai forgot tennis shoes after he was reminded. He was pretty good about even hiking in his sandals :)

These are all the cousin hikers that hiked doughnut falls. On the way up to the falls my sister Amara kept asking hikers what KIND of doughnuts were up there. Everyone gave her a blank stare but I thought it was rather funny :)

Keaton at the top of the falls. I know the hat is too big but it keeps the sun off his face and shoulders!

Tia wanted me to take a picture of her (what a teenager :). I took a couple and darnit this is the one Tia is not looking in but I love Ari's smile and Kai's...well whatever Kai is doing I like it!

This picture was taken from our tent pad. A little bit close for me!
Gotta love those Hansen's. Plenty of food folks and fun! Thanks for a great weekend!