Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kira Cooks and Star Wars

I caught Keaton and Savannah "playing" Star Wars the other day. At least he gave her her own sword :) Poor girl she is doomed.
Also, did you know I have a recipe blog?!? I have posted some good recipes there that we really like. You might want to check it out here . While you are there be sure you sign on as a follower... and be SURE to leave me a comment if you try or think you want to try one of the recipes :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SIX months!

We can hardly believe our little gal joined our family 6 mos. ago. We cannot imagine life without this little sprite.
Keaton prays every meal, every night and every morning that she will grow up to be "just like her brother". I think the prayers are working. She has personality just like Keaton. They both are high energy and happy kids.

Savannah suffers a little from stranger danger....or maybe she is just a mama's girl. She is almost 14 pounds now (15 percentile), 26 inches (60 percentile), and her huge head (more brains the Doctor said :) is 80% ( just like Keaton....prayers work :).