Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hardware Ranch

Lee and Keaton checking out the horses.
What a rack!

Eating the ranch provided alfalfa.

Moose feeding.

So if you know Lee and I very well you know we like to "go". We are not very good at sitting in the house all day.

Lee has been trying for 4 years to get me to go check out Hardware Ranch just outside of Logan. For some reason I never really got into it until this year. We went last weekend and it was GREAT! On our way up the canyon we saw some Moose feeding in the river. When we got up there it was so interesting, tons of information. For $5 (I think kids under 4 are free) they take you out into the herd (over 600 Elk) by horse drawn sleigh. At Hardware Ranch they feed the Elk during the winter to keep them healthy and out of the nearby towns. They also do lots of testing to prevent widespread disease. It was a great family activity, Keaton loved it! Also, while you are up in Logan be sure you go to "Logans Heroes" for Lunch, YUMMY!!!
Here is a link to the Hardware Ranch site for directions/ etc.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kids say the funniest things!

Just a quick one to tell you some crazy things Keaton has been saying:
Lee was giving him a "talking to" about being rough with our entertainment cabinet. Keaton without missing a beat looks him in the eye and says, "Dad I'm just TWO!".

Keaton and I have an ongoing struggle with putting his shoes on. He thinks they are unnecessary and will remove them immediately. Yesterday he let me get them on him with little fight. He then exclaimed, "Congratulations Mom you got my shoes on!" Funny.

Any good one liners from the little people in your life?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


We had a home run FHE tonight for our little family. My friend Dana had done something similar in sharing time and the kids LOVED it. I thought I would adapt it to out little family. We talked about Samuel the Lamanite. We looked at the picture and had Keaton tell us what he noticed in it. He noticed that people were throwing things at a guy on a wall that had a stick. We put Daddy on a chair and wrapped a robe on him (a bed sheet), and threw crumpled up magazine pages at him while he told his message. Keaton loved it and we all had to take turns being Samuel and giving the message. He even took his turn and told us to, "repent, Jesus is coming!!!". We then sang the Samuel Christmas song. I think sometimes the easiest things are the best for 2 year olds. Has anyone else had any "home run" ideas for FHE? Especially if you have a young audience?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Park City

Well, today Keaton and I made our pilgrimage to Park City. I try to go every October and February because I think that is when I can find the best deals (especially on kids clothes). I do need to revise my statement. I think it is the FIRST WEEK of the month you should try for (I had a friend that wanted to go today and then ended up not being able to go). It was a little more picked over today but still some good deals. If you want to go get up there in the next week or so. Here is the deals I found:
Osh Kosh- I had become disenchanted with Osh Kosh lately since I don't think $7-$10 for a kids shirt is any kind of deal. They rope you in with the big: 75% off signs but then once you start looking close you realize that it is still $7. Today though I thought the deals were worthy of this girls dimes. Their clearance was buy one get one. That made most shirts 3-4. They also had a ton of winter coats that ended up being under $10. They still had some pretty cute stuff. I think the bet deal I got there were denim jumpers for my little twin nieces for $3 a piece. Not too shabby. They also have a 20% off your $50 purchase coupon at the register, even better.
Carters- Carters did not fail me. Every year I go up there to get Mr. Keatons warm footie pajamas for the next year, as well as some "summer" pj's (I like long sleeve thin knit so they are still a tad warm, he kicks off the blankets). They had all their jammies 5.99 and 20% off. We cleaned up. They also had a lot of other great baby things. It REALLY made me wish I had a baby to buy for! (the lady in front of me also had a internet coupon for 20% off it made me sick, I signed up for their list post haste so I don't miss out again).
Childrens place- I love Childrens Place. I always get some good deals there. They had their 3.99, 1.99, and .99 racks. I got a lot of shirts off the 99 cents rack, I also got some rather heavy sweaters off of the 1.99 rack, and a couple of church shirts off the 3.99. Add to that the 15% off coupon you should have gotten in the mail and it made the stuff down right cheap.

This will have to be the last time I take Keaton with me. He did not make it that great of a time, although it could have been some pent up resentment towards the Poopy diaper he self removed allover his bed this morning ;) Will he ever potty train?!?!? Let me know of any good deals you have found around town.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ice Fishing!!!

After much persuasion Lee took us ice fishing. It had been a couple of years since we went and we thought Keaton would LOVE it. He sure did. The weather was great, almost 50 degrees up on Steinaker reservoir. All of Lees' brothers came and we had a great time until Bennion (3) stepped in a hole, and his brother Kedrick fell through on the edge. My sister-in-law and I packed the kids home while Lee, his 3 brothers, and Dad spent the rest of the day on the lake. It really was a good time. If you have the chance to go ever, do it. It is just a different perspective of nature.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tender Mercies

I am always amazed by the tender mercies of the Lord. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. My sister and I were talking about prayer yesterday. We love how a loving Heavenly Father lets those simple prayers of children be answered regularly so they know their prayers are heard and answered. Ask any of my Primary kids and they will tell you of a time their prayer was answered for a pet, to find something or whatever. I think the Lord really nurtures that simple faith. I remember a few years ago when my nieces teacher died. They were having a memorial for her out on the playground. My niece was so worried because the weather was supposed to be the biggest storm of the year. She prayed for good weather and then expected it would be all right. Amara and I thought this would be a good lesson for her that prayer is not always answered how you think it should be. I watched out my window at work all morning. It poured and poured. Sure enough, 10 o'clock came and the rain stopped for exactly one hour. When I asked Tia about it she said, "of course I prayed about it". I think all too soon we learn God is not a vending machine. I am glad he takes the time to nurture that young faith.
I am also glad he nurtures older kids faith. I have a niece Ari that is deaf. It has been a tender mercy of the Lord that Ari is in my life. I have never met anyone with the zest for life Ari has. I think God knew she would need a lot of personality to overcome, and she has. My sister prayed for years for a miracle for Ari to hear. About 3 years ago Ari got cochlear implants. Probably not exactly the miracle my sister wanted but her prayer was answered none the less. Ari can hear now with the help of the implant. This year she was even mainstreamed into regular school, although she also attends the School for the Deaf still. Miracles still exist. We just need to spend a little more time looking for them, and remembering to ask for help.
P.S. The picture is of Ari with her "serving" of cake at my Moms party. A cousin without kids thought she could dish up her own cake. She was going to take full advantage of that. The look on her face is pricless as she is faced with the thought of actually eating all that cake :)