Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Keaton Breaks his Arm...catching up

I have been such a bad blogger as of late. We have had our share of drama though so...maybe? I use this as a journal for our family so I will need to catch up...bear with me.
If you know Keaton very well you know he is A: a great swimmer, and B: FEARLESS. The middle of April I started going to water aerobics. I loved going and I especially liked it when Keaton would come with me (the class is listed as good for ALL ages so I was testing their limits I know). We would do the class and then 10 minutes before the pool closed I would let him jump off the diving boards. The first time he went on the low dive I thought my heart would beat out of my chest. After he went off the low dive he wanted to try the high dive. I told him he needed to go off the low dive 5 more times first (I thought he would forget). He still wanted to try the high dive. I talked to the life guard and asked her if she thought I was insane for letting my 4 year old jump off the high dive. She said not too worry no 4 year old actually jumps. IF they have enough nerve to get to the top they turn around when they see how high it is. She didn't know my Keaton though. He climbed to the top, ran to the end, and JUMPED. When he surfaced from the water he said, "THAT. WAS. AWWWWESOME." We continued doing our routine for about a week.
Weds. night he was all ready to go up the ladder. About the 3rd or 4th rung he fell off the ladder and landed on his arm (I was standing right there but couldn't get to him in time). I have never seen him scream like that. They began treating him, and honestly me too for shock and called an ambulance. There was a good Samaritan there that was in med school. He held Keaton's arm in the air to relieve some of the pain until the ambulance came. When I realized that his bone had poked THROUGH his skin I knew there was real trouble.
They rushed us to the nearest hospital and within an hour he was in emergency surgery to pin his arm back together.

Keaton actually LOVED Lakeview Hospital. He was there for 24 hours for observation. They brought him movies, toys, and fixed him anything he wanted to eat. He still says he wants to go back to the hospital. I was so impressed with how kind they were to me as well. They brought me in my own bed to stay by him. They also brought in meals for me, just kind.
Keaton had a rough day or so adjusting.

We were pleased though within a week he was not going to let him hold him back. We even went to Seaworld and Disneyland!

A quick 4 weeks later (they originally though 6 or more) he got his pins pulled and his cast off. Last week went back to the pool. He is a trouper!