Thursday, October 30, 2008

nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh...BATMAN

So here is my little Batman at the ward party. You would have thought we never do anything fun with him for how much he LOVED it there. I am really starting to love this ward. They have these ward parties and they are truly community events. They embrace the whole neighborhood and everyone feels welcome even if we never see them on Sunday. They had tons of booths for the kids. Then a gigantic chicken led the kids in a parade (I know THAT is what I shoulda got a picture of) then out to trunk or treating. There are a ton of empty nester's in our ward along with many young families. I really love those older Mama's that know Keatons name and try to make things so nice for him. Batman is still talking about that night.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What can a two year old do in 2 unattended minutes?

Lee and Keaton love to go on adventures. A couple of weeks ago they rode frontrunner up to Hill field and went on the old planes (they open them up every so often to let the public go on them). Then they headed up the rest of the way to the Ogden train museum. They have about 5 museums in the one that is about $5. They had a great time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Just a sample

My good friend Dana took mercy on us. We have not had an official family photo since Keaton was born. She is getting into photography so we were a good practice family. I thought she did great. Here are some samples.
What you miss in this shot is that Lee tried to flip him over and he caught Lee in the jaw, oops ;)
Not sure what is with the wingding on the side of my head, cute smiles though.
This is one of my FAVORITES.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I know Keaton is not even looking at the camera....what a GREAT shot of me though :)

I think I like this one the best. I was actually opposed to the shot.... I thought it would be weird. It has my favorite Lee smile in it.

Slow down, be prepared

Last night we were blessed.
Lee and I have had a rough week. We just needed a nice rest. About 7 last night we heard a loud explosion, followed by a flash of light and then no power. My first thought was to hit the ground. Lee went outside to check it out.... Keaton and I followed. Our older neighbor was outside in a panic, she was sure the explosion came from outside her bedroom window. Lee told me to run in and grab a cell to call 911. In not too much time all of Keatons dreams came true and we had a fire engine and a police car right at our house. Keaton and I watched as they started looking around. We also noticed that members of the Bishopric were going door to door making sure everyone was all right. I couldn't help but cry (pregnancy maybe?) as I pointed out to Keaton the good of the church in action.
Well, come to find out a transformer blew up. We would be without power until 11:30. Lee and I started searching for flashlights. We FINALLY found 2 little ones, and 2 candles. We really felt dumb that we were so unprepared. Lee then lighted a fire in our fireplace (our first real fire). Our little family just sat around and cuddled by the fire and talked for a couple of hours. It was so nice! About 9:00 the power came back on. Lee got right up, I was sad, I said, "Lee can't we just turn out the lights and enjoy this a little more?" Lee said that is what he got up for. We enjoyed our fake power outage for another hour. Lee and I both commented on how that was the nicest "day of rest" we have had in a long time.
This morning when Keaton woke up he started turning out all the lights. I asked him what he was doing, he said, "making it so we can have a fire". I think we all needed the break from life.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This sister tagged me. I think this is the first one I have actually done :)
8 shows I watch:
1. House
2. American Idol (this is an EVENT in the Palmer household)
3. Good Eats (he cracks us up)
4. Till Death
5. Backyardagains (honestly I love it)
6. Curious George (pathetic)
7. Sid the Science Kid (you can see who rules this roost)
8. Dora (I HATE her but we do watch her)

8 Things that happened yesterday:
1. We went to Costco (what a shocker, kinda our hangout)
2. We played at the park and I tried to get up my nerve to give a single Dad there my friend Mindies # (she probably would have killed me anyway, I just thought he would be perfect for her).
3. We tried unsuccessfully to take a nap (I am really getting worried, we are only at a 50% for naps lately....doesn't he know that the MOM needs the nap time more then him?!?!?)
4. I worked my graveyard (we are on a new computer system so it was pretty frustrating, usually I really enjoy it).
5. I talked on the phone to my sisters (well 2 sisters..... Deja is hard to catch).
6. We went to the library, gotta love free entertainment.
7. I had some leftover soup for dinner (my Sister-in-laws recipe, creamy chicken veggie....SO GOOD!).
8. I changed a ton of there ANY hope in sight on this one?!?

8 things I am looking forward to :
1. Lee being off mandatory weekends.
2. Spending alone time with Lee.
3. Having Lee rub my back.
4. Going to dinner without a 2 year old.
5. Getting this baby out in March.
6. Going to St. George in a couple of weeks.
7. The big paycheck with all of Lees' overtime :) (gotta be something good about that).
8. Christmas.

8 things on my wish list
1-5 of my forward list...
6. Paying off our cars.
7. Looking at our stocks statement and not crying (with what we lost in the last couple of weeks we could have bought 2 new cars :)
8. 1,000 bucks so Lee can remodel our bathrooms.

8 restaurants that we go to:
1. Betos (seriously, I think we go there the most.....we love it).
2. Mimis
3. Red Robin
4. The Pie
5. Bostons (new place in Layton we just tried last week.... it was GREAT).
6. CPK
7. Jimmy Johns
8. Cafe Rio

8 people I tag:
If you feel the is you :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We are pleased to announce Heavenly Father has FINALLY heard our pleas and is making Keaton a big brother. Words cannot express our gratitude for this blessing and our excitement to bring this little addition into our family. We continue to pray for all of our friends still struggling with fertility and hope they will soon receive a blessing as well. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes in our behalf.

P.S. We are due Lees' birthday, April 2nd.

I wanted this......

I got THIS......

Thursday, October 2, 2008

You gotta love a kid that loves all kids of food. Keaton was so funny the other night. My Dad and Keaton love to eat corn on the cob. On Friday Papa Palmer brought us some fresh corn from his garden along with a basket of other garden goodies (Papa Palmer is known to make a meal out of a few ears of garden corn). We have been feasting all week.
To say Keaton is excited about his birthday is an understatement. He thinks when he is 3 all things wonderful will come his way. Last night after he enjoyed his corn he declared, " Mom really all I want for my birthday is to eat corn with my Grandpa's!" .... if only it would last!