Thursday, August 27, 2009

Camping with a baby?

We went camping TWO times with our little lady this summer. The first one was the annual Palmer camp. It really didn't turn out great for us. Savannah had a horrible time which made ME have a horrible time. Good thing I go for Keaton and was committed or we would have bailed :) Not too many pictures of our family on that one due to Savannah being in tears most of it.

Why did we try it AGAIN 2 weeks later? I had put together a camp for my Mom's family. I really felt like I couldn't get out of it :) It was MUCH better on Savannah....SO better for all:)
Here is my Uncle Drew and his "adventure scouts". Have I told you about Drew before? He is a real live Peter Pan. Don't we all need one of those in our lives? He never wants to grow up. That makes him Grandpa/Uncle of the YEAR. He had our little collection of 3 year olds going. He took them on a tent stake rescue mission, had them imagining the twisty Aspen trees were snakes, and told them about "Monkshood" flowers to name a few topics. Keaton LOVED it. I {heart} Uncle Drew.

Here we are at Silver Lake, what a great little walk!

Keaton trying to fit in with the girls :)

Keaton and buds.

I had to laugh, on our walk with the girls my cousin Launie is working on letters in the dirt with her girls. Keaton...has scurried 1/2 way up this wall. The differences of gender!
Keaton and his buddies Katie and Maggie.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh Savannah oh don't you cry for me....

We have a serious problem here. See this girl? She has decided she is not a fan of people (my Mom tells stories that I was the same way...I don't believe her). The problem is that she looks so dang cute in her ruffley socks, patent shoes, and bow and smiles... at a distance. People think they should hold her...but she thinks only her Mom should hold her. Then she turns into ANGRY baby and thinks she needs to yell until EVERYONE knows she is MAD. I think after this week they are sending around a petition to have us go inactive :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

The final straw.

If you know our little Keaton very well you know he is put it mildly. He taught himself to swim by just jumping in the pool 100 times. He loves to climb on, jump off or wrestle ANYTHING. He has 30 first cousins and I don't think there is a one of them he hasn't wrestled. He really doesn't have any fear. We have been thrilled that we have kept him out of the ER and are pleased he has never broken anything or needed anything stitched up....until...
CHURCH!!!! Can you believe it? Sunday he ran into the counter at church. Our neighbor Haley is a nurse and came to check him out. Sure enough we had to take him to urgent care for 2 stitches (he also has a pretty good black eye that doesn't show up in the pics too well). They ended up putting a new sealer on his cheek to lessen scarring. He is pretty bummed that he can't swim of 10 days (and counting). He was thrilled though when his sweet Sunbeam teacher brought him by a bag of bravery goodies :)