Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our tour of Primary's

Last Thursday our little gal got real sick...real fast. In the morning she was fine. By 6 I was terrified. She had slept for 6 hours and we were having a hard time rousing her. She didn't want to eat and what she did eat she couldn't keep down. My Pediatrician said to bring her right in. They ran some tests but couldn't figure it out. They sent us home to wait for it to get worse...or better. Friday she was much worse. We were starting to worry about dehydration so we gave her 1/2 tsp (yes, tsp) of pedialyte every 5 min (yes 5 min). She continued to decline and her fever got worse (I could only get it to 100.5 with Tylenol). Kidscare had a 2 hour wait and we were so worried about how she would handle that and what she was spreading we decided with our Doc to wait and take her to Primary's if it got too bad. I had to work Monday so I went at 5am so I could relieve Lee. I called the Ped at 8 to tell her Vanna was having trouble breathing now too and her unmedicated temp was 105. They told me to bring her right in.
At the Ped's office her pulse ox was 84 so they freaked and called an ambulance (mind you our Ped office is IN a hospital). At that point I lost it and started sobbing. I asked if she was going to make it. They assured me she would be in the best hands at the Children's Hospital and would be fine. Savannah wouldn't let them put her on the gurney so I got on the gurney and held her while they strapped us both down (the things you will do as a Mom :).

At Primary's they admitted us as soon as they had a bed (after about 6 hours in a room in the ER). They did some more tests and came back with RSV the whole hospital is double and triple booked right now with this. It is an epidemic!

They hooked her up to all kinds of monitors. I didn't take any pictures of her dehydrated and at her worst. I am glad. She was so sad looking. All of these pics are about 24 hours after treatment. She turned around pretty quick with the oxygen, IV, and suctioning out the mucus. They were going to send her home the next day but right before she was going to leave her oxygen dropped so we stayed again. They were then going to send her home the next morning but right before we were going to leave she had a 1/2 hour coughing fit that that she lost oxygen on and was turning blue before the suctioned her. SO....finally the 3rd night we got to go home....on oxygen, and with going back to have her suctioned 2x a day at the hospital.
We are so happy to have our little gal back home and starting to get better. We have been so worried about her. We saw faith in action. We could FEEL the prayers of family and friends and knew she would be fine. We felt God's hand that right before she was going to go home she had her setbacks BEFORE we got home. We are thankful for kind family and friends that have helped us get through this!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pinewood derby!

The big new of the week is Keaton won the Ward's pinewood derby for his age group! Keaton picked out the design, painted it and decorated it. Lee had his doubts because it was nowhere near the weight it should have been. Imagine our surprise when not only did the "green goblin" not fall apart on the first race but it WON! It went on to win for his age group! He was so proud!
Our Savannah continues to light up our life. She is pretty serious but a pure joy to have in our family. Keaton is such a good brother to her. They play together pretty well :) We had Savannah's one year old pics done click here for a sneak peek!