Friday, January 29, 2010

Savannah is 9 mos!

O.K. O.K. so she is actually pushing 11 mos. Life kinda got away from me. We are sleeping again though so I am catching up :) All the pictures are from the 9 mos period! Savannah is a joy to our family. She loves:
BROTHER, Mama, and Dad. She loves to play with toys and "figure them out". She is a serious baby that will take the time to figure out what things do. She loves cereal and most any other food we give her. When Keaton was a baby I read once that you have to give a baby a food 10 times before they like it. There have been a few things we have had to try 5-6 times for her to like the taste but she came around! :)
She is such a happy baby. We love to listen to her laugh and will do some pretty crazy things to make her laugh.

I am really enjoying having a little girl. It is so fun to dress her (although she HATES the actual process of getting her clothes changed). At Christmas time I blew my Christmas funds before I thought about a Christmas dress for her. I found this fun silver fabric on a dollar table. I made it the night before Christmas Sunday. I really enjoyed sewing for her!

For Christmas she took up crawling. It is really fun to watch her be independent! We can't imagine life without her!