Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, we are here...move DONE. Now onto making some kind of normal here. Here is a picture with Keaton and our good neighbors and friends the Rennies. We left behind so many friends. It is hard for Keaton to get used to us knowing no one. As a matter of fact it has been really hard for ME to get used to the fact we know no one :)
On our way out here we stopped in Twin Falls for lunch (nothing better then a salad or hot dog from Costco, eh?). We were amazed by this lovely gorge. It was great for the kids to get out and stretch their legs!
Here is a better picture of the gorge. There is a golf course at the bottom. Wouldn't Lee love that?!?!

The bridge was pretty cool too. Although I am a sucker for a cool bridge (Yakima has PLENTY of those...let me tell you!). This is our mountain of moving paper. You would NOT BELIEVE what the movers wrapped. Every toy, every piece of garbage, every plastic cup was all wrapped. We made a big mountain and jumped in it. The kids LOVED it!

Seriously, no picture can represent this room FULL of paper!

We sure miss our friends but are grateful for this opportunity for our family! Please know we LOVE visitors (not that we have had any :)!