Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, well, well, Lee is disappointed in me again. Every year he would love for me to send out nice handwritten Christmas cards with a nice picture to all our family and friends. Each year I plan to and it never happens. My sisters are very good about it. Lees brothers wife Rachelle does great ones each year that are even entertaining. This year I am doing an e-mail update again. I at least would like to touch base with all our family and friends and wish them a Merry Christmas and update them on our life.

Lee has had a great year. He graduated in May with a Bachelors in Business Information Systems. He really is not into the field though and has wanted to just move up in quality. Last week he got a promotion to the manufacturing engineering dept. at his work. He is THRILLED with the new job and financially it should help out a ton. He will be able to get some great experience and be able to finish his Masters in the next couple of years. With me taking a step down this year and going part-time he is hoping this year to get in more skiing and golfing....always worth hoping :) He loves his time with his family; Lee and Keaton are thick as thieves. They love to do "guy" stuff together when Mom is working.

My biggest news of the year is no more 50 hour work weeks for me! After 15 years of managing retail stores I feel I am living the "sweet life" with my mere 20 hour work week. Keaton and I spent the warm months going to parks everyday, and the cold ones finding adventures indoor. I have remembered I like to cook and finished up a 3 mos goal of no repeats on dinner. I also have started reading again. I LOVED the Twilight series and am waiting anxiously for the next one.

Keaton, I guess he sums it up when he says, "I'm BUSY". His favorites are cousins, grandparents, jumping off of things way too high for a 2 year old to jump off, "helping" Mom in the kitchen, tractors, Cars movie, NURSERY, blocks, parks, WATER (frozen, pool, sink, or any other variety), and his big love books. He keeps us laughing whether it is his penguin imitation, or his crazy dancing. We can't imagine life without him.

As a family this year we have had a ball. We went on two family camps this year, (BACK TO BACK and I made it) it was good to catch up with family and Keaton had a great time in all the dirt. Our big fun was this Spring when we went to Oahu with Garrets' family. We had such a great time snorkeling, eating fruit, sight seeing, enjoying the sun and are ready to go back. We also went to Colorado Springs to visit my Aunt Lynn again. We love to visit with her every year and this was no exception in her new location. We drove Pikes peak (you should have seen the perma-grin on Lees' face), and saw the beautiful Garden of the Gods.

We wish you all the best for the new year. We would love to have visitors if you are in town. Come back often this year and check out our new adventures.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Lee and I are itching to get outta town. My sister (a known germophobe) sent me this link it made me think I need to start looking for paper cups to bring along on our next adventure!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I am SORRY! I have a number 8 for my "tagged" (maybe against the rules, but oh well).

8. I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies. Lee is a huge fan. Lee and Keaton are watching the original one today. I asked Lee if he thought that was wise for our little son, his response? "If Keaton grows up and starts attending conventions I will know I screwed up, but I think all boys need a little Star Wars".


I was just thinking the other day that for a Blog I maintain it really does not have much about me. I was then starting to panic that I was loosing my identity, you know those ladies that their kids move out, husband dies, and they don't even know they don't like Ketchup on their fries. SO...I am glad Amy tagged me, I can take a look at 7 things about me and take you along for the ride :)

1. I was first chair violin in our High School Orchestra. I still take my violin out and play to myself (Lee has yet to hear). Actually as a young child my Mom had an acquaintance that was a self proclaimed psychic. She told my Mom when I was very little that I would always love to make my own music rather then listen to someone else's, she was right. I would rather play the piano, sing, or play violin then listen to a CD. Actually except for Christmastime I rarely put in a CD. As a second part to that I used to compete on piano and violin and actually did quite well.

2. I have always liked to be in charge (maybe this isn't a news flash). As a child I would boss around my 5 siblings even though I wasn't the oldest. I was a store manager for 15 years (I was the first manager they broke their 21 year age on). I like to think I really am a good follower too but I do like to be in charge :)

3. I love to travel. I think I really realized that after I got out on my own. My parents had taken us to Mexico to camp on the beach every summer, or to Utah to see Grandma but that was about the extent of it. I was really blessed shortly after I moved here to meet my dear friend Mindie. She really taught me how to enjoy the single life. To this day I cannot plan a trip like Mindie. I sure do try though. I am excellent at finding the best deal. The three of us went to Oahu for a week in March and stayed in a nice Condo on the beach. The flights, rental car, and hotel were under $2,000/week for all of us!

4. I can sniff out a deal like no one I know (see above). As a kid my Mom would buy presents for us at TJ Maxx or ROSS and would cut off the price on the tag but highlight the "compare to" price. We Earleys' love ourselves a deal. My family always teases me when I tell them a price for something it is never the regular price since I don't pay that. I am one of those people you hate to be in line behind at Wal-Mart because I have them price match everything (I do try to go at off hours though so there usually isn't someone behind me :).

5. Lee is my best friend, and Keaton is a close second. Maybe most people already know this, but it makes up a big part of me. The sun rises and sets on my little family. I never knew I would love so deeply in this life. I never imagined such happiness. I love to be around them, they are so funny (especially together). Lee pampers me and puts me first always, I do the same for him. I think that is our little secret to a happy marriage :) Truth be told little Mcgeats -puts no one before him, and that is the secret to his happy life, oh well!

6. I have 3 sisters. Is there anything better?!? I talk to them most days (except Deja who is busy getting her PHD and can't take a whole lot of disruption). I talk to them about everything, cooking, cleaning, child rearing, husbands, neighbors, church, etc.

7. I really love to "go". I love to be active. I love to walk, play, see stuff, or just be outside. I love to try new things. It is great to have Keaton 'cause now I have someone 24 hours a day to tag along with me. He loves to go as much as me!

Friday, December 7, 2007


This past Monday we went to Temple Square with a family from our ward. We had such a good time. Keaton thought he needed to move around the big piles of snow to be sure we didn't have any grass showing :) We try to get down there every year. I love the nativity displays, and all the lights to help remember the "light of Christ", the true reason for the season!

Monday, December 3, 2007


I WON, I WON, on my dear friend Amy's blog SO....Its PAY IT FORWARD time. She sent such a wonderful package just for me. It has been so long since I have gotten anything in the mail just fun for me. Here is your chance to win!
* All you have to do is Comment on this Post between now and Thurs 12/13.
*On Friday 12/14 I will pick 3 lucky winners. These lucky people will receive a package from me with something of my talent and/or just fun gifts!
**Remember by commenting you are committing to have to Pay It Forward on your blog after you receive your present. Have fun, enjoy, and I hope at least 3 people comment! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007


My brother had twin girls on Thurs. We are so excited to love those little tiny girls up. They were 5 weeks early and are having a few complications but are expected to recover and be home within 3 weeks. We cannot wait to love up those little girls. They have the worlds greatest big sister too, they are set!

At this time of year when we think about giving and receiving gifts I think of the many gifts we have received over the years. I think the most important gift my in-laws ever gave Lee and through Lee, Keaton and I is the gift of hard work. I have never known anyone that has the work ethics of Lee. He will be the first one to tell you it was learned working by his Dad. The 6 kids of Lees' family grew up as farmers. They ate from the garden and from the meat slaughtered from their cows. Lee tells me all the time stories of his Dad teaching him how to be a man and how to work hard by example. I was thinking about it this weekend when a huge snowstorm hit. I had to smile as Lee got ready to go out and shovel snow. He got Keaton ready too, handed him a little shovel and the two of them got busy. I found them having cleared our drive and moved on clearing our neighbor on either side. I am glad little Keaton is learning work is fun, and important. Thank you Papa Palmer for a great legacy!