Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Is this normal? Yesterday I packed my first box. It was so sad for me! I always knew this day would come. This little starter house has been wonderful, but small.
I was thinking last night how I still miss the house Lee and I rented in Bountiful right after we were married. It was even smaller then this. The shower was so small you couldn't shave your leg's, the front door you could see daylight through multiple cracks, it was just a tiny little 2 bedroom....BUT it was our first home, our first Christmas, the first place we cooked dinner together, our first yard. I now feel that same sort of nostalgia for this place. I am sad to leave the home we picked out from the ground up, the home we brought Keaton home to, the home that we had Keaton on Billi lights for a month in, that front room that I rocked my little preemie in night after night after night because he couldn't figure out how to sleep, the neighborhood where Lee would be sure the snow was gone not only on our drive but the neighbors too, sweet little old Pat next door, our great ward, Abigail and Andrew, the list goes on and on.....
How can we leave?!?
Do you still feel nostalgic for any of your old nests or am I finally certifiable :)?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New house!

Well, after looking at way too many houses and a week of frustration we have picked a new home for our little family. Our offer was accepted today on a WONDERFUL Centerville house. It is about twice the size of our little house here with two and a half times the yard. We are really excited about the Basketball court in the back yard and dug in trampoline! We are not going to know what to do with ourselves to finally have room!!! We are excited for the new opportunities but will miss our friends and neighbors here. We will have to have a huge housewarming party when we get moved in.
P.S. We have to be out about a week before we can move into our new house. We are going to rent a U-haul for a week so we don't have to load 2x. Any ideas where we can park that thing for a week while we stay with my Aunt?

Saturday, May 17, 2008


So it looks like we sold our house, (just two days after Megan and Kevin!). We got an offer about a week ago and after going back and forth a couple of days it is pretty much done. Of course in this market no deal is ever a done deal so we will see. We will sure miss our neighborhood, and ward. We are excited for a new adventures. We have been frantically looking at houses and still are no where near a final decision. We are looking at more on Monday, hopefully we will be able to decide. Let us know if you know of any good deals!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I think everyone needs a farmer Grandpa. I don't know if you can see clearly enough my dear Father-in-laws face. If you can who do you think likes riding the tractors more?

Smarty Pants!

This sister graduates this weekend with her Doctorate. We are pretty proud of her. Her Doctorate is in English and Creative Writing emphasis is Poetry. For many people it takes years to get a teaching gig. Deja got a college professor job at Framingham State College in Boston (We are thrilled for a reason to go back east, not to mention a free place to stay!) before she even walked down the aisle, YAHOO a way to pay off student loans. As you can imagine she has a great writing style, and she is just entering the Blogging world. Click HERE to check out here new Blog.

P.S. She is single and will be in Utah for a couple of months if you have any cute single friends!

Favorite finds- April!

Now we are deep in the heart of May I thought I should get this post done. I have some excellent finds for this month. I am going to try to stick to a place, a product, and a recipe.
Keaton and I LOVE the downtown SLC library. Not only does it have the coolest elevators but also the coolest story time. The lady that does it plans a couple of books (always interactive books), a puppet show, and a couple of songs. This week was all about ducks and chickens so the song was the chicken dance. The picture is deep in the heart of the chicken dance. I put the one on here with Keatons favorite friends in the whole world. Keaton is going through a shy stage and would not participate until I did it with him :(

After the story time it is always fun to check out all their kids reading nooks, or climbing areas as Keaton likes to refer to them :)
For all you Mom's out there that were worried about the shirt Keaton was wearing for our Strawberry day worry no more. A quick couple of squirts of the Oxi Clean and good as new!

This month I also tried my hand at English Toffee (think Almond Roca). I thought it would be hard. Thanks to THIS ANYONE can make this delicacy. This lady walks you through step by delicious step, easy as pie.