Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Valentines and the Seatle Aerospace Museum

 Every February I like to go to the outlets to get the kids their fall clothes for the next year. This year we went and made a weekend of it. I am not sure how much money I save but it was fun and  I am done for the season. I really hate to shop so it works. While I shopped the kids went to the nearby train museum.
Here is Keaton and Annie near the logging train.
 After I was done we headed over to the Seattle Aerospace Museum. The kids REALLY wanted to do this wind tunnel. Look at Annie's CRAZY hair in there. They thought it was pretty cool.
 There are also lots of planes to ride in. Annie had to be the driver too :) We love this museum and plan on going back many many times on our passes!
 I have really tried this year to celebrate more. To make the little things a big deal. I made pillow cases for each holiday and we have tried to make it fun in other ways. For Valentines I made a fondue dinner by candle light. I wanted it to be healthy so I found a fondue that was a lot of chicken stock. I then roasted a ton of veggies and bought some other fun veggies for them to dip. I bought some bread sticks for Lee and the kids. We got out the "fancy" plates and cups and made a fun dinner out of it. The kids loved it! They loved even more the chocolate and peanut butter dips to dip their fruit in for desert.
 Last but not least Tessa is still growing and a total delight in our family. She is usually happy and we all fight for her attention. She started eating foods and will eat most anything. We can't imagine life without our little Gracie Girl.