Thursday, August 25, 2011


This Utah post will have to be in sections :) The kids and I were down there for 25 days. Lee drove us down but flew back so it was me and the kids for almost 2 weeks.
Our first stop was to visit Lee's sweet Aunt. She lost her Husband and her daughter last year to Cancer. She is probably the most kind person you would ever meet. What I really loved her for this time was the fuss she made over Keaton. People usually fuss over the girls but she had Keaton come and sit on her chair by her. She then asked such thoughtful questions about what he thinks about things. I love people like that!

This is pretty much how I got through the week. Keaton is a pretty good big brother.

We went with Meesh and Amara's kids to this ropes course. It was 3 levels high and they were clipped into a zip line. I think it was like $8. Totally worth it! Keaton was scared for about a minute then he loved it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Staycation day one! 7/2/11

Here it is 5 weeks later and I am just blogging the rest of the Fourth weekend...sigh. We have had a run in with a VERY colicky baby and it has just about done me in (not to mention a 25 day vacation in Utah). The first day of our staycation we went to Rimrock Lake. I have never been to a more lovely spot in my life. It was so green and peaceful. We bought a little propane grill a bit ago and took it up there for a picnic!

Keaton was excited to get in some fishing. I just LOVE this picture. What this picture leaves out is the SWARMS of mosquito's! We ended up staying just about 15 minutes by the water. In that short time I got 40 bites! Next time we will need bug spray for sure!
Savannah trying to get in on the action! She had to move her "fishy" chair closer to the boys!
Pretty much this is what Tessa did the whole time. I am glad I put her in the baby carrier so I could keep her covered from the bugs!
Savannah wanted to wear Keatons sweater. It worked out well and kept her covered. She also had a HORRIBLE allergy attack while we were there. I have never had her get that bad.
Keaton waiting patiently for fishing. He is Lee's little buddy for sure!