Saturday, March 28, 2009

We finally have seating besides a love sac in our downstairs family room. This week Keaton has begged us every night to go down and watch a show as a family. We have done it a couple times this week. It has been really nice. Keaton is all boy and at that age where he is begging to watch Iron Man, Spiderman, etc. I don't think my 3 year old really should be watching that :)
When Lee and I were first married we bought a ton of Disney classics on sale at Target. This week we watched Snowball Express, and last night Swiss Family Robinson. Keaton LOVED them. They are true classics. Why can't they make movies like that anymore? Robinson has EVERYTHING Keaton likes Pirates, animals, adventure...AND everything Mom likes a family that works together, kids that figure solutions to their problems, and a family that takes time to kneel and thank their Father for blessings. Snowball is just a fun family working together and supporting each other to work through problems. I am so glad my tiny guy can be easily swayed to a different show :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saving in a tough economy

We have all had to cut back in these tough times. Here is Keaton doing his part. He told me he doesn't need a Superhero mask like the neighbors....he can make one (please ignore any stains :)

Lil' sister is officially off the billi lights. We couldn't be happier to get her dressed every day, and snuggle her to like crazy!
I wish I was better at taking pictures....she really is quite cute. I guess we will keep her!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More pictures

My Mother-in-law is stuck in a care center instead of holding her new little princess. That gives me ample reason to post more pictures....YEA FOR YOU

Nothing can bring this 6'3" guy to his knees quicker then the cry of his baby. He is SMITTEN!

Well now you have her 2 looks, asleep or crying for food, I will spare you the other picture I can get of her nursing and awake :)

Keaton LOVES little sister! He cannot get enough of watching her every move. He says tomorrow he is going to teach her how to climb the rock wall at the rec center....yes I will get pictures of that!

William E. Rubin is back!

I am not so sure why Mr. Bill E. Rubin thinks he needs to visit our children when they are born. It took us SIX weeks to get rid of Keaton's jaundice, now our poor little sister has it. She is such a good baby that she has been much more patient to lay on the bad hour after hour after hour. Seriously it is just hard to not clothe and hold your brand new baby. We are hopeful that she will be done this week (we are 1/2 full kind of people you know :). For now though we will just have the worlds biggest night light in our room!
P.S. Her level is headed in the right direction (17.7) although she has to be on lights 24/7 until at LEAST Thursday.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tiny and Cute!

Well, she made it. I am sure I will post more soon. Here are the essentials:

Savannah Elizabeth


6:11 am

6lbs. 4 oz.

20" long

......cute as a button!
P.S. Mom and baby both home and doing well.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This year we have been trying to read the scriptures each night as a family. We have done really well this time with it thanks to Keaton. He really LOVES it. We all pile in our bed and read one chapter. Keaton reminds us each night to "read our scriptions". I thought we were making real progress and he was remembering the stories. The other day I rewarded his effort by getting him his own missionary pass out type copy to read from. It has pictures in front which CLEARLY make it better then Lee and my copies. I was THRILLED as he went through the pictures and he could name the pictures of Christ and Joseph Smith. When he got to this picture, he told me..."hey Mom, that is the guy on the boat after he cut that guys head off with the sword.... that was COOL!". I guess we all get different things out of our readings :)