Monday, December 15, 2008

Funny Keaton

Sorry you must indulge me. This blog also kinda serves as a journal so I just needed to record some of the funny things Keaton said. They are great one liners.
* (in a serious tone) "Mom, I can unwrap my own (string) cheese packets now, so I don't really need you anymore". Gotta love it.
* "Mom, when I was boring (born) I was tiny (shows about the size of an orange with his hands) and Heavenly Father sent me down on a tiny train to you". I guess he is learning PARTS of what I try to teach him. My sis-in-law said when I have this baby and he comes to see her in the hospital I need to put a tiny train in her bassinet :)
* This one is my favorite. Last night he came in coughing pretty hard and consistent. He said, "Mom I was thinking if you say a prayer to Heavenly Father Jesus will come down and make me not cough". HE IS LISTENING!!!!! By the way of course the prayer worked (my experience has been that a very loving Heavenly Father try's to always answer the simple prayers of children to help grow that faith they will need later on).

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The furnace was done yesterday. We were thrilled. I really wanted to kiss the three technicians that took 6 hours each when it was complete and there was finally warm air in my bathrooms. I can't tell you the difference it makes to have your whole house a nice cozy temp. I feel really blessed, especially that the originally 5K job was all covered by the home warranty.

Having said that I am awake at 3 am furious. Why? The repair man cracked open said furnace and let me look inside. There were cracks and pinhole throughout. He could not figure out how this furnace had not been fatal to my family (I only figure it is the drafty windows that defiantly need to be replaced). We all had had symptoms of carbon monoxide for the couple of weeks we ran it. My gripe is that the furnace had the all important GREEN sticker just last December. We had 2 separate companies come out and look at it before it was replaced. BOTH companies said there was no way that this furnace did not have this damage last winter. I guess I am angry my little family could have all slipped away in their sleep (although that may not have been a horrible way to go). I really want to do something and that is where you come in. I don't want any sort of restitution, I just want the company from last December that put that Green security blanket sticker on that furnace to know what their slacker practices are doing. There is no way they even looked in that furnace before slapping a green sticker on it. Should I just call and try to talk to the owner, maybe mention that he not only almost killed us but he also missed a 5K sale? Maybe "get Gephardt"? Just send angry mail? Just tell all my friends and have them tell their friends to NEVER use them? Is it illegal to publish their names so you can avoid them? OR should I just thank God that we are alive and well with a free new furnace and go back to bed? (now are you seeing why I have preeclampsia?)

P.S. Thank you for all your ideas and wishes on the preeclampsia/ diabetes thing. I wound up in the hospital the other day with high BP. Come to find out I wasn't great at taking them myself. Lee has taken over after a little training. With the new diet I have been able to bring my BP down to 115/62 (GREAT) and my blood sugar in the normal range. I am hoping to not only carry this baby to term but not have to resort to meds. Thank you for helping with my endeavor. I feel much better.

P.S.S. (does that exist?) The company that did the work on the furnace in the end was Rentmeister. We LOVE them and would totally recommend them as trusted HVAC people should a need arise.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So remember when the Grinch said, " It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags."? Did anyone but me notice that he didn't say it came without CHOCOLATE? I asked my older, wiser sister that this morning. Can Christmas come without Chocolate?......what was her immediate, sorry.

THAT is why I had a total mental breakdown this week when they told me not only am I stricken with Preclampsia with this baby, but I also have gestational diabetes. I have to say Keaton never did this to me. I am SURE this little girl knows that will be how I show her how much I truly love her :)

So, here I am 2 weeks before Christmas trying to keep myself off of 3 mos of bed rest and trying to resist neighbor gifts. So, does anyone have any good recipes that do not contain....flour, salt, sugar, fruit, carbs, or fat? If you do.....please share (if you are thinking steamed broccoli, sans salt we already have thought of that) :)
P.S. Still no furnace :)