Saturday, July 9, 2011

Staycation day 2!

On Sunday we went to the lakes near our house. We walked around them and then had a great UNO championship afterwards (Keaton's favorite)!

Tessa was pretty happy just riding along!
These birds were in their nest waiting for their mama. They were pretty big hawks. We saw the mama shortly after with a fish in her talons to feed the babies!

Keaton loves to collect sticks. Much to Lee's dismay Annie decided she needed to give it a try...sigh.

Staycation day 3!

We really wanted another boy....maybe this is why. I had them all so cute and coordinated. I think most of my pictures with Annie are like this. I am savin' them for sure. When we ask her to say "cheese" she thinks this is what we mean....sigh.

Day three Keaton and Lee went and saw Cars 2. I thought I would prefer to stay with the girls at home instead of the lobby. I had no regrets :)
We were invited to a pool party. We had such a good time. There was a great pool with a great slide and rock cliff. We all loved it. Luckily Tessa slept most of the time so we could all play in the pool.

Lee and Tessa had a great time hanging out in the shade after dinner. I know it LOOKS like Lee is mad but he sure is not.

Annie after she got out of the pool. She really loves the water (thank heaven)!

We really loved our staycation. We will definitely have to do this again!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cherry U-pick

We went last weekend to the Columbia River Temple. Lee and I tag teamed it with the kids. I went while he watched the kids then he went in. It felt so good to go to the Temple. It had been awhile and we were really thrilled we finally made it happen. I can't lie, part of it was just being alone and being able to think without interruption was probably a big part of the appeal :)

On our way home we stopped at Bill's Berry Farm. That is my new favorite place. They have a huge u-pick farm and we hit it just right for the Cherry Day's festival. They had Hot Cherry Doughnuts (I don't know how we resisted but we did), a FREE petting zoo, and a big play set. The highlight for my kids though honestly was getting to pick their own cherries and put them in their very own bucket.

Keaton liked the hay ride out to the Cherry Grove (please be sure to note the big old fry sauce stain on his shirt....SOMEDAY I will learn to pack an extra pair of clothes for my kids....sigh).
After a brief training they were off.

Lee showing Savannah how dark of cherry's she should look for.

Savannah picking the "pink" ones because they were "pretty"....sigh.

Savannah playing on the huge playset.

I have to admit they picked Van cherries, they were not my favorite. They had a 1/2 dozen other cherries to sample and buy for $1.75 a pound. My FAVORITE cherry was the Chelan Cherry. If you see them in the store you will need to get a pound or 4 :) The "pink" van cherries I mixed with Strawberries and made jam. The rest of the cherries we gorged ourselves on for days. Bill's Berry Farm ships to stores as far as China (can you imagine?!?!?). We loved our day on the farm and we think we are going to have to go back this weekend to pick our fill of Blueberries!