Monday, November 16, 2009

My boy turns 4....sigh

(With his booboo)
I really am sad to report my little Keaton turned 4 last week (he was not so sad). I can still remember when he was born like it was yesterday. I remember holding him scared of being his Mom (I still am a little scared to be his Mom....he deserves so much). Keaton has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. He says the most funny things AND the most kind things. He is a kid that loves life. He loves to go and do (which works really well for us). Keaton is not afraid to try anything. He will jump right in and try it and keep at it until he has it down (especially with active things).
(Keaton "moving pipe" at Grandma Palmers)
Keaton has really excelled at swimming. He can swim the length of the pool at the rec center. That is really quite exceptional for a little guy like him. He starts lessons again today. I really want to encourage his swimming (genetics are against him for a healthy figure.....I need to help him where I can :). Keaton is a good eater (another reason the swimming is important :). He will try anything I put on his plate. He usually says "this is GOOOD". Then after a couple more bites he may say...."this is not so good". I am glad he goes in positive though :). He loves Kiwi, avocado, grapes, but his true love is SALSA! He puts it on EVERYTHING!
Keaton is such a good big brother. He loves that little Savannah more then I could have imagined. When I was pregnant I had the distinct impression that Savannah was so excited to come to Earth and be born to see Keaton (she also was excited to see Lee and I but mostly KEATON). I can see now it was a right on impression. These 2 have a special relationship. They love each other so much. He is such a good helper with her. I have to say this baby is so much easier having Keaton.
Keaton loves books! We love to cuddle in my bed (with Savannah who also loves books) and read and read. I have him pick out books and we always have a huge stack to get through. He likes to go to the library and pick out books so we can learn things. I never thought I would know so much about Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, Jedi's, Star Wars ships, etc. I think he gets his great vocabulary from all the books.
Keaton is a tall kid. When we went to the Doctor this time he was 99% for height. The Doctor told him that means if she lined him up with all his friends he would be the tallest...she is right.
When Keaton was born he changed my life. He still is changing my just gets better and better. Happy Birthday Keaton!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween night!

Halloween night we make scones for the neighborhood in our front yard. We make a fire in a fire pit and invite everyone to take a break and eat a scone. They were a hit, ESPECIALLY with Keaton. You will also notice his root beer in his chair. Our neighbor a couple houses down passes out root beer. Keaton loves that MUCH more then the candy and can't wait to get back to drink it. He would rather hang out with Lee so we pretty much only went down our street and were done.
Here are all his pumpkins. We had gotten enough from Lee's Dad for all of Keaton's buddies for his party. We ended up not having enough time to decorate them and I forgot to have the kids take them home. We ended up with a whole collection!
Savannah supervised the cleaning of the pumpkins!

Lee Let Keaton do his own pumpkins only if he cleaned them out too.

Keaton with the power drill drilling holes in his pumpkin...yes we are totally bad parents :)

Savannah the Elephant. She was supposed to be Princess Leah but I ran out of time. I thought she was a cute Elephant.

My Jedi knight. I made the costume the night before...don't look too close.

How Savannah spent most of the trunk or treat...and Halloween night.