Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pear Pickin'

Since my last post was Tessa-less I thought I better lead with her :) A couple week's ago we went to Smith Orchard to pick some pears. We paid $15 for 50 pounds so we ended up with 100 pounds (our friend shared some of hers too).

Lee loved it (maybe he just loved bossing Keaton around....just kidding).

Savannah kept picking them off the ground (which is a no no).

Keaton liked climbing the tall ladders. Conference weekend Lee and I did pear halves in apple juice, pear sauce, dried pears, pear butter, and pear syrup....yum, yum!


KS Photography said...

I love this kind of stuff. Teaching children how to work and when things come from. Way to go, mama!

Launie said...

Kira, you make me feel so woefully inadequate! Does sound like a great time was had by all though! I miss you guys!

belann said...

Yea for pears. Wish we were there.

Amara said...

Me too. Wish I were there --and not just for the pears.