Sunday, October 9, 2011

Central Washington Fair

This picture is of my little boy Keaton (we will contrast this later). He LOVES tractor's still and can't pass up a chance to give a sit on them.
This was totally the highlight of the fair for us (please note I went on opening day alone with 3 kids....I ROCK :). Keaton and Savannah both played for a long time in this big pile of feed corn. They were FILTHY when I pulled them out but happy!
THIS Keaton is the new KINDERGARTEN Keaton. Where Mom has him do things that are not quite cool enough for him....sigh. I was really hoping it would be awhile before I saw this face. At least he still did it. By next year I am sure he will say NO WAY! It was a "School of Rock" display. They had all kinds of instruments the kids could try out and this wave made of records. Maybe I thought it was more cool then they did?
This was Savannah in the petting zoo. She really loves the animals. She pet them all. She was mostly smitten with the little Lamb's. I thought it was really quite a fun place. I really wish I had gotten pictures of the Horse Costume Contest. You would not believe what costumes they came up with!


Launie said...

Records? Of course he didn't think it was cool. Records are for all us oldies! ;)
Looks like a fun time! I wanna play in a big tub of corn...

Amara said...

I can't believe how soon they make that face. Sucks. And you really do rock.

belann said...

Looks cool to me! Maybe it's just the picture taking thing that Keaton's starting to feel weird about. Where's little Tess?